An Early Release!

If you follow my Facebook page then you’ll be aware that for the past five months I’ve been working on relaunching my store – new colour palette, new papers, new packs.


My plan had been to do a big launch of tonnes of new goodies on January 1st 2016. The good news is that today, I’m launching 32 brand new paper packs featuring my brand new colours.

The new packs come in 3 styles – bulk packs (containing all 42 colours – great plain and textured cardstock), DUO packs (featuring 6 colours and 2 contrasting patterns), and Basics (which contain exactly what you think – 24 really useful basic papers with dots, stripes, chevron, etc.)

DSD Basics In Blue

AND THERE’S STILL MORE TO COME! I’ll be adding more packs as soon as I finish them (there’s a fabulous one called Opulence which is currently in the works – it’s got lots of black and turquoise damask and it’s already my favourite child/paper pack.)

What’s even better is that while I’ve retired some of my older paper packs, I haven’t retired all of them so you can still grab your favourites like Grunge Solids in Brown – my best-selling pack ever.


You can see all of these gorgeous packs – new and old – in my Etsy store now.


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