It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Living in Australia there are two main indicators that the Christmas season is well and truly upon us – the cricket season begins and the supermarket runs out of glacé cherries when I try to buy all the ingredients for my rocky road. (EVERY year Woolworths! C’mon – get your act together!)

It’s this time of year I need to start soaking dried fruit in frighteningly large quantities of brandy for the Christmas cake, hoarding the super-sized jars of fruit mince for the mince pies and creating my rather famous Extreme Rocky Road (it’s pretty epic – I’ll try to remember to share the recipe soon.)

In paper crafting news I’ve got three Christmas-themed paper packs to share this year. One will be part of the Pixel Scrapper blog train (available soon) and two more will be available in my Etsy store in about a weeks time. I’ve called them A Northern Christmas and A Southern Christmas.

To me, I see the northern hemisphere as being a lot more traditional. I was brought up in an English family with English traditions – red, green and white decorations, a huge turkey dinner with plenty of cranberry sauce and roast veggies, fruit mince pies, a traditional fruitcake, memories of snow and cold weather, etc.

Yet as we live in Australia, newer Christmas Day traditions are making themselves known – there’s a definite preference among many for brightly coloured decorations, fresh prawns for Christmas dinner, plenty of swimming (in pools, rivers or at the beach), much more cricket and a lot less tobogganing.

So my Northern Christmas paper pack will be a lot more traditional and my Southern Christmas pack will be a bit brighter and a bit more modern.

You want a sneak peak?

DSD A Northern Christmas

In store very soon.

PS: If anybody sees any glacé cherries in the Perth metro area, let me know – if I don’t make rocky road there may be few (a lot) of complaints. A small riot isn’t out of the question…..


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