Unwind. It’s a lovely thought. Sadly, it’s something I’m not very good at.

Some people take a long walk through the woods (I don’t, too many snakes – thanks Australia!) Some people love nothing more than to spend some time at a day spa (I tried that once – the massage was nice but the fragrance of “Dead possum in roof cavity” kinda ruined the experience.) Other people meditate (I’m WAY too fidgety for that.)

These days I spend most of my time either working on my stores or working to figure out our selections of just about everything for house we’re building – Honestly it feels like the worlds most difficult jigsaw – does the colour of the gutters compliment the colours of the bricks and the gutters and the garage door and the paving and the…. You get my drift.

I do get to unwind a little but I always need to be doing something with my hands so I tend to sew (I love cross-stitch), go fishing down by the river (I catch heaps of blowfish), research family history or bake (my ANZAC biscuits are somewhat incredible.)

This month’s Pixel Scrapper blog train had the theme of Unwind. Remember in my last post I said that this blog train was going to be experimental? Well, here it is – my experiment! White on white.

I was originally going to do a 100% white-on-white paper pack but I got cold feet. So I added in some other relaxing-type papers – a meadow of flowers, ocean waves, incantations to chant while in a meditative state. (Or things to write in your diary and mutter “I’ll get to that tomorrow” like most people.)



Download cardstock (Dropbox – 25mb)
Download papers (Dropbox – 15mb)

If DropBox asks you to create an account or sign in and you don’t want to, then just click “No thanks, continue to download” at the bottom of the pop-up.

Terms of Use: PU/S4H/S4O/CU. You may use this content personally or commercially as long as you are a small business owner (ie: sole trader working from home). Credit is required for commercial use.

As I mentioned above, the white-on-white is completely experimental – I have test printed them on two different printers (my crappy old $40 Fuji Xerox printer and I made Himself test print it at his office on a very expensive cost-five-figures professional whizz-bang machine that does everything except make coffee.) They both printed out great results (otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing) but I would recommend you test print a 1×1 inch square on any home printer you use for printing craft paper or digiscrap layouts.

So, now that I’ve added my “Shit I hope it works” disclaimer, I can say that I hope you have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy the Pixel Scrapper offerings this month.

Now, it’s Friday night which means it’s time for me to go make pizza and binge watch old NCIS episodes.



44 thoughts on “Unwind

  1. I love your good old Aussie humour and your wonderful disclaimer!! Thanks for these great papers. I came here from some link on Pinterest. Seems I’ve been time-travelling.

  2. First…thank you for the goodies! Second, I cracked up over, “the fragrance of “Dead possum in roof cavity” kinda ruined the experience.”

  3. Thank you so much! Your creations are just lovely! I also enjoyed reading about your thoughtful design process. Good luck with the building of your new house! Who knew that there were so many decisions in building a house??!!

  4. Thank-you for the pretty papers! And also for the great chuckle – I love your ‘disclaimer’ write up. Keep smiling..

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! (i do photobooks more than scrapbook pages, so i’m always on the look out for soft colours and subtle patterns that don’t distract from my photos.)

  6. These papers are marvelous. I’m always looking for interesting papers that are pale. I think it’s my parsimonious idea that they use less ink than dark papers. I’m not sure its even true 😉 Thanks a million!

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