The Monday Special – 11th July

It’s been a pretty ordinary week if I’m honest and it included quite a lot of spewing that resulted in a short hospital stay for hyperemesis gravidarum – two large bags of fluid and some hard-core anti-nausea drugs injected directly into a vein helped immensely. I won’t go into the other highly glamorous pregnancy-related symptoms I’m “enjoying” (but if you’ve ever had a baby then I’m sure the memories are engraved onto your brain for the remainder of eternity).

So it’s been another week of spending too much time watching crappy tele on the sofa. (This week it was old episodes of “Supersziers Go…..” on Youtube that I’ve watched whilst cuddling an old bucket and sipping sparkling water.)

Now to business! This weeks Monday Special is my bright flowery and fun Floral Pop paper pack. I chose this pack simply because it has a very warm and summery vibe and Perth is very cold, very grey and very wet at the moment.

DSD Floral Pop

This pack is a 12 page pack full of all bright florals normally priced at $5.00*, now $2.50* and only available in my Etsy store. This 50% offer will expire on the 18th of July.

Don’t forget that I’m in Western Australia so if you live on the other side of the globe, don’t leave your purchase until the last minute as the special could disappear Sunday night in your corner of the world.

*All prices in Australian dollars.


One thought on “The Monday Special – 11th July

  1. Oh ug! I really hope the morning sickness goes away for you! My best friend was sick the entire 9 months with both her pregnancies (the first one was twins) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed yours goes away!!! And if it doesn’t it really will all be worth it – Jen never wants to be pregnant again but loves having her kids (who are my honorary niece & nephews & live right around the corner).

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