The Monday Special – 15th August

It’s the start of another week, and it’s been a frustrating seven days if I’m honest. I’m still battling morning sickness (does that EVER go away?!) and things are frustrating on the “house-selling” front.

I told you that our current house is on the market, right? Well it is. We’ve had a couple of home opens now and it’s an immense task to get ready for them – it’s even harder when hearing feedback from people who don’t want to buy our gorgeous house – they don’t like it because the block can’t be subdivided easily, the sink in the kitchen is too small (it isn’t), they don’t like the oven or the colour of the carpet in the minor bedrooms. *insert massive sigh here* It’s really disheartening to hear people say that mostly minor things are stopping them putting in an offer to purchase.

Never mind, I’m sure things will work out eventually!

Time to get the week started on the right note – with my 50% off Monday Special. This week is a bulk pack – 30 of my favourite colours in a fabulous gingham pattern! The papers are all 12×12 inches and 300ppi.

DSD Bulk Gingham 30 Pack

This pack normally priced at $6.50*, is now $3.25* and only available in my Etsy store. This 50% offer will expire on the 22nd of August.

Don’t forget that I’m in Western Australia so if you live on the other side of the globe, don’t leave your purchase until the last minute as the special could disappear Sunday night in your corner of the world.

*All prices in Australian dollars.


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