DSD is on Maternity Leave

The time has come for me to temporarily close the doors on my Etsy store.

Our new home is finally finished (well, except for lighting, window treatments, the reticulation, garden and all that sort of pesky stuff) and we’ll be moving in just under a weeks time. I’ve been packing boxes like a mad woman but the house never seems to get emptier (when did we become hoarders?!)

Once the move is done, it will be time for me to set up a nursery ready for our first baby who is due in January. It hasn’t been an easy pregnancy and I’m sad at how much I’ve neglected my poor little Etsy store over the past few months. But with severe pelvic pain, hyperemesis gravidarum (still going at 31 weeks!), severely low iron, daily blood thinning injections, irritable restless legs and a surprise (and very unwelcome) diagnosis of obstetric cholestasis, I’ve not felt able to do anywhere near as much as I’d hoped to this year. I’m disappointed with that but I also know that in the grand scheme of things, my store is not as important as growing an entire human.

So for now, my Etsy store will be shut. I’m hoping it will re-open early 2017 but as babies are unpredictable, noisy, messy and entirely confusing it may not be open until a little later next year.

Thank you to all my customers who’ve purchased from me during what has been a very busy, overwhelming and fun 2016! My CraftsUPrint store will remain open and any updates (personal or business) will be made via my Facebook page.

Love Sally. xx


One thought on “DSD is on Maternity Leave

  1. Congratulations on the home being finished! I love your door & the treatment under your windows. Looking forward to updates when your little one arrives! Your pregnancy has been rough! I know I can relate to a couple of those things since I had two babies on lovenox and I have severe pelvic pain as well. My last baby also made my gallbladder go nuts. So I know what a rough pregnancy is like and can sympathize with all of that! But the hg is something I have not experienced but I have known ladies who deal with it and its horrible ~ so I just want to send you hugs! Once baby gets here it can be an adjustment but those little people have a way of melting your heart! 😉 Best wishes Sally!

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