5 Seconds of Craft Time

The title says it all really – it feels like I have 5 seconds a day to do a bit of crafting, whether it’s scrapbooking or cross-stitching (my other favourite crafty activity). I knew baby-wrangling would be hard work, but when that baby has reflux and insists on being cuddled (re: carried as I pace the house) to sleep, it gets even harder. Plus we’re still finishing off our new house and trying to do normal things like cook, shower, sleep and drink at least one hot cup of tea a day. I think I need about 3 extra hours per day at the moment to do everything I want.

But I have managed a couple of (super simple) layouts in the 5 months since she was born.

My style has always been “less is more” but it’s gotten even simpler. Take this layout for example.

The photos are just snaps I took on my phone. The background is white with grey pinstripes and I’ve used a font similar to my own handwriting in dark blue (so it looks a little like pen ink). Even though it’s so simple, I love this page – maybe it’s the memories of my pregnancy (as horrid as it was, I definitely miss my big bump).

I will definitely try to scrap more. I especially want to preserve the memories of my tiny girl achieving all those milestones and firsts – rolling over, laughing, sitting up. They may be tiny or insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but they’re moments I don’t want to forget about.


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