Nature Escape

Nature is a lovely thing – it’s green and cool and beautiful. Just like my (new) garden. We lived for six months surrounded by sand after we moved into our new house but now we have a lovely green garden, some fruit trees and a lot of grass. It’s bliss! (Mainly I just love not having huge amounts of sand blowing into the house every time I open a door or window.)

The trees will grow up (we have a flowering plum, some Manchurian pears, a lemon tree, lime tree, a few magnolias and some cottonwood hibiscus which have glorious huge yellow flowers). We’re hoping that the native Carnaby cockatoos will come to visit us often – they nest in bushland across the road from us every winter and spring. This year we also have some red-tailed black cockatoos to add a splash of vibrant colour.

The theme for this months Pixel Scrapper blog train is Nature Escape. The cool blue-green colour palette is always soothing to the eye. (Some people say that “blue and green should never be seen” – I think those people just have no idea how to blend colours.)

As always, I have done two packs – one with patterned papers and the other with solid colour (but slightly textured) cardstock.

Download cardstock (Dropbox – 22.1mb)
Download papers (Dropbox – 37.2mb)

If DropBox asks you to create an account or sign in after you click the “Direct Download” button and you don’t want to, then just click “No thanks, continue to download” that’s usually at the bottom of the pop-up.

Terms of Use: PU/S4H/S4O/CU. You may use this content personally or commercially as long as you are a small business owner (ie: sole trader working from home). Credit is required for commercial use.

I hope you love the huge range of goodies over at Pixel Scrapper this month and don’t forget you can see all my non-blog-train digital papers in my Etsy store.


19 thoughts on “Nature Escape

  1. Isn’t having a new home fun! Looks like you picked a delightful spot. Thanks for the kit, I particularly like the paper with blue flowers.

  2. The colors are gorgeous!!! All the different patterns on the papers are stunning!!! The solids are beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  3. Hello! Thank you so much! I really love your pretty papers! I think that the expression is ‘Red and green should never be seen’, since many people feel that those colours clash, but we do love them at Christmas! Congratulations on the birth of your lovely little girl, and extra congratulations on surviving five months so far! It actually does get easier over time – just hang in there! Best wishes from Pamela, in Ontario, Canada (PS. I lived in Adelaide for 14 years, so your description of your new garden makes me really miss Australia!!)

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