Happy 4th of July

Did I get it right? Is that how you greet people on the 4th of July? Or should it be something else? I’m not sure so I’ll just go with “Yay America” and hope that covers all bases.

To celebrate, I’ve given my older 4th of July pack a facelift, chunked it up and it’s now available in my Etsy store. New packaging, an extra 8 papers but still my core colours, making the papers extra versatile in those non-4th-of-July layouts.

I’ve also been at work on two other paper packs. They are “baby-ish” in theme, meant for layouts of baby showers and those 3819 newborn photographs we all have. However, they aren’t full of cutesy baby bottles, handprints or baby chickens. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not really my own personal style – even when decorating my daughters bedroom, I went with neutral colours (partly because we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl) but also because I found a lot of baby decorations a bit gaudy – the pinks for girls were too “bubblegum”, the blues for boys too pastel and don’t get me started on some of the greens we saw – very kitchen-countertop 1973. So we chose to go with greys and a splash of red. But did you know that red baby stuff (like cot mobiles, baby blankets, etc) were really difficult to track down? We got there in the end but hooley-dooley it was a lot of work!

I’ve noticed that a lot of digital scrapbooking trends follow “real life” trends – so there’s heaps of cute paper packs and kits with bubblegum pinks, pastel blues and 1973 green. But I wanted a “baby” pack with modern neutral greys and a splash of red. So allow me to introduce Baby Love.

Polka dots, checked chevron, arrows, love hearts, tiny dinosaurs and my favourite owl paper toned down into greys – I just loved this paper pack so much, I decided to do it in a second colour – fabulous funky yellow – and called it Sunshine Baby

All three of these new paper packs are in my Etsy store now – I hope you love them as much as I do.


The Monday Special – 4th July

Things have been quiet around here – I would be sorry about that but I’ve been quite sick (winter lurgy plus side effects from a new medication I’m on to combat my thrombophilia). So really, I’m not that sorry because I don’t think you’re allowed to be sorry when you’ve been super sick.

I’ve been low on energy and if I’m brutally honest, I’ve not been doing any creating, partly because my brain seems to have gone on holiday but the main reason is I’m scared I’ll make terrible mistakes, publish those paper packs then have some lovely and unwitting people buy them! That is NOT okay with me – I pride myself on producing high quality products so I’m definitely not comfortable with creating something which would only be described as “iffy”.

So while I’ve been sick (and watching quite a bit of terrible television!) I’ve also not been creating anything for the very fabulous Pixel Scrapper blog train (see above reason.) However, what I’ve decided to do is be a tad more generous with the goodies I already have in store.

Every MONDAY I will be updating one of my Etsy listings to be HALF PRICE. This 50% off will last for one full week. So if my regular price is $6.50, the price for that week will be $3.25. Great value for a full-sized paper pack, right?

Then every FRIDAY, I will be reintroducing Freebie Friday where I give away a single sheet of digital paper for free for 24 hours – no newsletter sign-up, no need to be part of any special “club”, no catch, no cost. 100% free. All the digi-scrap store experts tell me it’s a bad thing to offer freebies but you know what? I don’t like to do the same thing as everybody else. So sod the experts, I’m giving stuff away!!

For my first Monday special, how could I NOT have 50% off my 4th of July paper pack?

4th of July

This pack is a 12 page pack full of all sorts of red, blue and white patriotic goodness, normally priced at $6.50*, now $3.25* and only available in my Etsy store. This 50% offer will expire on the 11th of July.

Don’t forget that I’m in Western Australia so if you live on the other side of the globe, don’t leave your purchase until the last minute as the special could disappear Sunday night in your corner of the world.

*All prices in Australian dollars.