Happy Birthday

Don’t worry – it’s not my birthday. (It’s probably not yours either.) But “Happy Birthday” is the May Pixel Scrapper blog train them.

So….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *insert streamers and party poppers and sparklers here*

*better insert cake too because I like cake*

I’m not really into celebrating my own birthday – being the centre of attention makes me feel like an elephant is standing on my chest. As a kid though, my main memories of birthdays are the cakes Mum would make my sister and I from the book every Aussie kids mum owned – The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.

Even when I met Himself at the age of 21, we bonded over this iconic cookbook.


He and his brothers always had their cakes made by their dad. They had cricket pitches, swimming pools and the upright piano. I also had the upright piano, along with the butterfly, teddy bear, Miss Piggy and one rather freaky looking clown (sorry Ma, that wasn’t your best work.)

That's totally me on the left, grinning at the mountain of chocolate before me. Not much has changed if I'm honest.
That’s totally me on the left, grinning at the mountain of chocolate before me. Not much has changed if I’m honest.

Even these days, cake always seems to be the centre of any family celebration. (I could talk about cake for a really long time, but you’re here for digital goods, not cake so I’ll stop now.)

I really struggled this month – both with time (read more about that here) and with inspiration. But I’ve come up with one patterned pack, one solids/texture pack and one bonus pack full of splatter papers which I created to comprise all the colours from this months extensive colour palette at least once. Each splatter paper contains three colours which I hope will help tie some layouts together as I noticed people were a little concerned that the large palette would mean everyone’s contributions wouldn’t quite work together.




Download cardstock (Dropbox – 21mb)
Download papers (Dropbox – 29mb)
Download bonus splatter papers (Dropbox – 70mb)

UPDATE 2nd May: DropBox is telling me that I’m too popular and I’m exceeding bandwidth limits. If you have trouble downloading then I’m really sorry but you may have to try again tomorrow!

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Enjoy your BIRTHDAY theme and see you next month! And if you can’t wait that long then don’t forget you can see all my digital papers in my Etsy store.