Things have been pretty quiet on the DSD front lately. I haven’t been on holiday (God I WISH!) or ill or taking care of ill family members (unless you count driving my partner to the dentist when he had a toothache.)

But life has just suddenly happened. It’s a long story. Last year Himself and I bought a block of land so we could build a house. We planned and planned and planned and designed the house and chose all the fittings and fixtures and got all our council approvals in place and then went to the bank for a loan.

This is the shitty part – they DENIED our loan application because the house was TOO SMALL! Can you believe the cheek of them?! Apparently it’s now a crime to want a smaller more compact house.

There was much swearing (and quite a bit of crying on my part too if I’m honest.) Months of hard work down the drain. Because of the house design, it wasn’t as simple as just tacking a room on – the whole thing had to be re-designed.

It took months, but it’s done – the plan was redesigned, all the fixtures and fittings were chosen, all the council approvals have been obtained (again) and this time, the bank said “Here’s the money you need.”

This time, there was also much swearing (and quite a bit of crying on my part too.) What followed was a week of “Is this really happening? Like, REALLY?!” Pure disbelief with a large dash of surrealism. Life felt like a Tanguy landscape for a little while.

Then last Tuesday – BAM! We got word from our soon-to-be neighbour that workmen were on site. DOING STUFF – not just standing around drinking mugs of tea.

So basically I’ve been stalking our patch of sand and the workmen who arrive daily. (Well, when I say “stalking”, I’m stalking as much as one can when driving a bright green hatchback.) The block has been scraped and cleared, then engineers arrived to peg out the outline of the block and house, now there’s mesh and concrete drop footings (please don’t ask me to explain what they are – I don’t even know) and a concrete outline of the house. Soon, there will be a slab.

Protected bushland across the road – a breeding ground for black Carnaby cockatoos.
The view from the rear of our block.

In between stalking, I have actually been doing some design work which I’m hoping will be online within the next couple of weeks. Cross your fingers for me! I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be getting into May’s Pixel Scrapper blog train – I haven’t even had time to look at the colour palette so that may or may not happen.

This is the part where I gloat and feel giddy. Want to see the house plan?

House Plan

It’s huge, right? So much bigger than what we wanted and I shudder when I think about the amount of vacuuming! But I must admit, I do love my enormous larder. Bedroom 4 will end up becoming our study and we have no idea what to do with the Home Theatre because neither of us wanted it in the first place – a friend is encouraging me to claim it as my craft room (SO tempting) but Himself wants a pool table (which does actually sound kinda fun.)

Either way, we’re incredibly lucky to be building a beautiful house in a nice suburb, as opposed to where we live now – which is in a not-so-nice suburb next door to someone who I suspect may be growing “herbage” and has an unhealthy obsession which his karaoke machine.

Needless to say, I’m definitely counting my blessings right now. (And counting the days until I no longer live next door to Herby, the Thai karaoke king.)