The Monday Special – 5th September

It’s Monday and my week started out pretty well (apart from the ever present nausea of course.) We went to our building site to meet with the Site Supervisor and discuss how our new home is coming along. It’s all looking beautiful and we’ve been told that it should be finished a few weeks earlier than originally scheduled which is FANTASTIC!! Our kitchen cabinetry is in and the tiling for the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen start this week.

You’ll have to forgive the glare – it was VERY early!

I can’t wait to move in, but I especially can’t wait to get the move over and done with – I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have felt myself slowing down a little over the past two or three weeks so I know it’ll just get worse the further along I get. (As an aside, I’m getting very good at napping.)

Of course, being Monday, it’s time for the Monday Special. This week I’ve decided to offer one of my older but very popular paper packs – Gingham in Green Shades. The 10 papers are all 12×12″ and, as always, 300ppi.


It’s normally priced at $5.00* but is now $2.50* and only available in my Etsy store. This 50% offer will expire on the 12th of September.

Don’t forget that I’m in Western Australia so if you live on the other side of the globe, don’t leave your purchase until the last minute as the special could disappear Sunday night in your corner of the world.

*All prices in Australian dollars.


Freebie Friday – 12th August

Happy Friday guys! I hope you’ve had a great week.

My week has been spent in front of the tele watching the Olympics (I am now an expert in gymnastics and equestrian dressage) and keeping an eye out for Mr Sparkles – the wild rabbit that lives in our garden. Sadly, I haven’t seen him for a few days and I’m slightly concerned he may have been turned into bird food (we regularly get hawks around here).

For today’s Freebie Friday I’m giving away a great khaki green tartan paper (the colour is called Salt Bush) and it’s from my Camp Ground paper pack which is this week’s Monday Special.


There’s no catch – no newsletter sign-up, I don’t want your email address, phone number, Olympic gold medal (for snacking, obviously) delivered to my inbox.  It’s free – you don’t have to do anything except click the link to download it.

Download Freebie Friday (Dropbox – 3.7mb)
Note: This link has now expired.

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Enjoy your freebie and see you next week! For more paper goodness, don’t forget to check out my Etsy store. 

Christmas Plaid and a Christmas Treat

I can’t believe it’s only ten days til Christmas! Yet I’m surprisingly organized for the big day itself (of course it helps that my aunty is hosting Christmas dinner whereas last year I cooked it all myself.)

Yesterday I spent all day making my annual Christmas chocolate box. It’s not as fancy as it sounds though – I make a large quantity of white Christmas and rocky road and send my partner into the office with an enormous six litre container to share with his colleagues.

I posted a few pictures to Instagram yesterday and an English friend who has only lived in Australia for a couple of years asked me what White Christmas is and how to make it. Traditionally it’s a white chocolate version of rocky road made with rice bubbles, dessicated coconut, slivered almonds, raisins, glace cherries, icing sugar and copha. My version is a bit simpler though and the “method” (if you can even call it that) barely requires any effort – simply melt chocolate and add “bits”, I don’t even measure anything out, just add as much or as little as I want then spoon into ice-cube trays and refrigerate until set. I like to use the ice-cube trays as it means you don’t have to cut anything, simply pop the chocolate out then attempt not to eat it all.


White Christmas: 2 bags (450g) Cadbury white chocolate melts, rice bubbles, glace cherries (halved), slivered almonds, dessicated coconut.

Milk Chocolate Rocky Road: 2 bags (450g) Cadbury milk chocolate melts, peanuts, mini marshmallows, glace cherries (halved).

Dark Chocolate Extreme Rocky Road: 2 bags (450g) Cadbury dark chocolate melts, biscuit pieces (I broke up some plain milk arrowroot biscuits), peanuts, toffee caramel pieces, macadamias, pistachios, glace cherries (halved), berry jubes (lollies/candy), rice bubbles, mini marshmallows.

End result – six litres of chocolatey goodness and a large amount of compliments. 🙂

Rocky road

Now onto digiscrap goodness! I found a bit of time yesterday (mainly while chocolate was firming up in the fridge) to create a new paper pack to compliment my Northern Christmas pack. It’s Christmas Plaid, Tartan, Gingham and Check. You can find it here.

Christmas Plaid, Tartan, Gingham and Check.
Christmas Plaid, Tartan, Gingham and Check.