The Monday Special – 22nd August

Hi there! You may have noticed that I forgot to do last weeks Friday Freebie. Well, I didn’t actually forgot, I simply ran out of time. Oops.

That would be because last Friday EVERYTHING happened!

Firstly, an offer was made on our house which is currently for sale. It was a little less than we’d hoped for, but we’ve accepted it as we were able to negotiate a long settlement time – this means our new home, which is currently being built, will (fingers crossed!) be finished a week or two before we have to move out of here. We’re grateful to the buyers as they could easily have forced our hand and made us move out sooner (thus, making us have to move house twice in the space of a month or two – not ideal for someone pregnant.)

Secondly, I had my 19 week anatomy scan. I must admit, I was really scared about it. I have a dodgy gene which meant baby has a higher than normal risk of developing a neural tube defect, so I spent most of Thursday and Friday in a highly strung state. But the scan came back perfect – everything looks very normal and the only comment the radiographer and supervising doctor had was baby looks like it might be quite tall (it clearly takes after its father!) We decided not to find out the gender – I feel like it’s a girl but when I talk about the baby, I often refer to “him” so my brain is clearly a tad confused.

Anyway, so Friday disappeared in a flurry of scans and paperwork at the real estate agents office and Freebie Friday just got shunted out of the way!

Nonetheless, it is time for the Monday Special. This week I’m offering another A4 pack (8.5″ x 11″) at 50% off.


Coral Crush is a 10 page pack full of lovely coral and bold black with hints of grey and green. It’s normally priced at $5.00* but is now $2.50* and only available in my Etsy store. This 50% offer will expire on the 29th of August.

Don’t forget that I’m in Western Australia so if you live on the other side of the globe, don’t leave your purchase until the last minute as the special could disappear Sunday night in your corner of the world.

*All prices in Australian dollars.


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